Course content & more info

Lesson One

  • Why & how to prepare for birth
  • How to achieve a positive birth
  • Mind & body connection – the science behind birth
  • Deep Relaxation – the power of the mind & body connection
  • Uterus function & assisting your birth
  • Hormones in labour – which ones & how to support them
  • How to assist your body & how it functions – The autonomic nervous system
  • Language – effects & importance
  • Breathing techniques for labour & birth
  • Where to give birth – What are your options
  • Your care providers – What they offer & what are your options. Finding the right support
  • Preparing your body for healthy birthing

Lesson Two

  • Falling in love with your baby –prenatal bonding
  • Labour & birth breathing techniques
  • The art of deep relaxation
  • Anchors
  • Rapid & deep relaxation tools & techniques
  • Releasing limiting thoughts & fears
  • Comfort measures – Pain relief options. Pharmaceutical & alternatives
  • Decision making
  • Birth preferences – thoughts & emotions

Lesson Three

  • Birth partner’s brain storm – the stages of labour & what to do, prompts & ideas
  • Progress in labour
  • Positioning – breech, head down, tranverse. Your options
  • Abdominal birth
  • Possible scenarios & how to navigate them
  • Monitoring – what & why
  • Induction – options, the process, the evidence. How to avoid artificial induction & alternatives
  • Aligning your mind & body
  • Birth Preferences – not plans
  • Positioning for labour

Lesson Two

  • Affirmations, how to use them & write them
  • Falling in love with your baby, prenatal bonding & getting to know them
  • Labour & birth breathing techniques
  • The art of deep relaxation – how your body & baby work together
  • Anchors
  • 5 Rapid & deep relaxation tools & techniques to use throughout labour & birth
  • Releasing limiting thoughts & fears
  • Comfort measures – Pain relief options. Pharmaceutical & natural alternatives. Risks, benefits, making decisions
  • Decision making – how to make informed choices that are right for you
  • Birth preferences – thoughts & emotions

Lesson Four

  • Journalling your way to birth. Approaching birth
  • What happens if things change or you reach 42 weeks
  • Interesting birth info
  • Hospital bag/Home birth prep & checklists
  • Optimal positioning for labour & birth
  • Signs of labour & tricksters
  • Timings – what happens when
  • Delayed cord clamping, placenta release & Vitamin K
  • Microbiome
  • The power hour after birth
  • Womb to world transition – 4th trimester
  • Basics of breastfeeding
  • LOTS of extra resources
Your course folder also contains many additional exercise, extra information & great resources that we touch on in class but you can refer back to or use at your leisure

So what is the hypnobirthing part?

Many people are very skeptical (I was at first) as they think it’s a weird or woo. You might think you will be “hypnotised” as we see on TV. Being in “self-hypnosis” simply means reaching a level of deep relaxation where you feel calm, still aware of your thoughts, aware of your actions & surroundings. We actually enter this place of deep relaxation every day around 10-12 times without even realising! For example – when we daydream. 

Instead of learning how to “manage pain” or “cope” in labour like some antenatal classes, hypnobirthing teaches you invaluable tools to assist your body’s natural functions rather than resisting them. The programme promotes & supports a calm pregnancy, positive birth experience and helps you build a strong bond with your baby. We also strongly focus on your rights, your options, your care, supporting you to be able to make informed decisions that are right for your personal circumstances.

During your course along with plenty of practice at home, one of the main things we will work on is releasing any fears or worries. Fear releasing hormones such as adrenaline & cortisol, which prevent the birthing hormones needed to be release such as oxyticin.

Releasing fears & special breathing techniques to use during the various stages of labour, by deeply relaxing & building a positive expectancy, birth is much more likely to be remembered for all the right reasons. Calm & relaxed parent = calm & relaxed baby.

We will explore all your options, your choices & your rights so that you can make informed decisions & looking at the evidence before having to make any decisions

Your birth, your baby your choices.

The History

Hypnobirthing is a tried and proven method of antenatal education backed up with over 30 years of research, evidence and success. The programme was founded by Marie Mongan in 1989 in the United States, soon following here to the UK and is taught worldwide in 46 countries.

The origin of the concept of Hypnobirthing dates back to 1912 when a British obstetrician Dr Grantly Dick-Read discovered that when women were able to eliminate fear & relax deeply, that their bodies functioned fully & correctly, resulting in instinctive, calm, easier more comfortable births. If fear was present, the birthing muscles would be deprived of blood and oxygen causing the fear flight freeze response, causing pain, prolonging the process or causing unnecessary medical intervention. When a mother is relaxed, is able to follow her instincts & feels fully supported in her decisions & through her labour – positive experiences occur.

Along with my hypnobirthing training I am also a childbirth educator with Childbirth International. I have combined my skills, knowledge & experience to create very bespoke & incredible content delivering you the very best in antenatal education. Look no further. You wont need any other course….. it’s here at your fingertips


Hypnobirthing with The Lemon Tree Testimonials

I feel so empowered

Claire & Tom | 1st time baby

“We first heard about hypnobirthing at a mothercare event and when I was around 22 weeks and prior to this we had no knowledge of it whatsoever. After doing a bit of research of the benefits we signed up with The Lemon Tree and I am so glad that we did. I now feel so empowered by the knowledge that I gained from the course that I feel positive and prepared for the birth of our baby. Laura is so friendly and approachable which made us feel relaxed and comfortable, like we could ask all the questions that we had no matter how silly we felt they were. The course is really well structured and The Lemon Tree materials are extremely helpful for that all important home practice. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting a calm and positive birth”

I started the course feeling fearful of birth

Louise & Brad | 1st baby

“I started the course fearful of birth. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy because I was so caught up in the labour and how much it would hurt. I was also really concerned about the transition to hospital. I have since finished the course feeling totally confident in my ability to birth and often find myself saying how excited I am about it. My husband and I have also decided we would like a home birth now. Something I would have never even considered before as I thought it was dangerous. That was purely based on my own fears and not having the knowledge. Thank you Laura”

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