FAQ’s & Extra Info

Who is the course for?

For anyone expecting a baby/babies. The course is designed for an expectant mum along with her birth partner/partners, who want to achieve a calm & positive birth experience. Hypnobirthing accommodates all types of birth in any setting. A place on a course is for an expectant mum plus her birth partner (or 2 if she has more than 1). You are also very welcome to attend the course without a birth partner. Please contact me for more information about doulas, independent midwives & additional birth support should you need it. Ideally birth partners should attend all or as many sessions as possible.

When is the best time to start a Hypnobirthing or antenatal course?

There is no ‘ideal’ time, I am happy to support you at any time in your pregnancy but I recommend between 20 and 30 weeks is a good starting point – but it’s never too late. This is so you ideally have plenty of time to absorb everything & put in some practice. The more practice you can do the better.

If you are more than 30 weeks pregnant or nearing the end of pregnancy, don’t worry there is still time, as long as there is enough time for us to cover all of the content before baby’s arrival in either a group or private course where we can move the sessions closely together.

How long is the course?

The course is taught over 4 sessions. One class per week for 4 consecutive weeks. Each lesson will last for approximately 2.5 hours, totalling a minimum of 10 hours tuition.

When booking a private course, the sessions can be adapted to suit your needs with a different layout if fitting in the 4 sessions is difficult or you are near to the end of your pregnancy and need to book your sessions closely together in a different format

Why choose our 4 week hypnobirthing course?

The Lemon Tree Hypnobirthing is a fully comprehensive antenatal course. Not just hypnobirthing. You wont need NCT or other courses – we will help you prepare for your labour, birth & journey into parenthood. Some of the main tools & techniques you will learn are deep relaxation, fear release and special breathing techniques, which can take time to master. They aren’t skills you will acquire overnight. Ideally they should be practiced regularly over a period of time to be most effective. This layout allows you the time and space to resolve any anxieties or issues, to release them, to explore your options & build your confidence prior to your baby’s arrival. This doesn’t mean that if you are near to the end of your pregnancy you wont be able to master the skills if you have less time,  it just might take a little more commitment, however the tools are easy to pick up & enjoyable to use.

What is covered in the course?.....


  • ALL aspects of antenatal education – it’s a fully comprehensive antenatal course, meaning we cover all areas
  • How your body funtions during labour & birth? how can you assist it?
  • Help with choosing your health care providers carefully, finding the right ones for you and your personal situation, your options
  • Where & how you would like to give birth – your choices, pros & cons etc
  • Birth partners role – What is their role? What does a birth partner need to do & can they support you fully? Tools & confidence buildIng
  • Creating your birth preferences – birth doesn’t have a “plan”, birth is a unique journey – so what you will do is have the support, tools & info to help you create your birth preferences & to help ensure your needs/wishes are met & respected
  • What options are available to you? What choices do you have? What are your birth rights?
  • Interventions – avoiding medical intervention where possible, what to do & when to accept it if it’s necessary
  • Address all your fears, anxieties & worries – surrounding birth, previous negative experiences, how are you going to parenting, juggling finances, your support network etc. Fear release skills & techniques.
  • Physiological functions in pregnancy & birth – how nature has cleverly fine tuned our bodies to birth our babies – how birth really works
  • Breathing techniques to assist you through the various parts of labour & birth. How to breathe correctly and effectively keeping you relaxed.
  • Self hypnosis – deep relaxation
  • Nutrition & looking after yourself whilst pregnant
  • Positions for labour and birth – which ones are the most effective & how to get baby into the optimal birthing position. What are your options if your baby is in an alternative position such as breech
  • Preparing for parenthood – the early weeks & months
  • Post birth – what to expect, choices to make, how to adapt
  • Bonding & some feeding basics
  • The fourth trimester
What will happen when we do deep relaxation? Will I feel out of it?

No not at all, you wont feel out of it or out of control. You’ll be totally aware of everything that is going on. A misconception I often hear. Self-hypnosis (deep relaxation) is not like hypnosis we see on the TV. It’s a way in which you can achieve a particular desire, change in behaviour or thought as well as achieving a particular goal. In Hypnobirthing that goal is a calm birth experience. It’s a state of mind where you’ll be relaxed, aware of your thoughts & actions, totally in control of what you do & don’t wish to do. Self hypnosis (deep relaxation) is a state we go into naturally 10-12 times a day without even realising, for example when we daydream. Through your course & regular home practice you’ll learn to relax deeply, rapidly & easily.

What if I need a c-section or I require a surgical birth? Is this course right for me?

ABSOLOUTELY! Our course is not just for women having a vaginal birth, It’s to support you with assisted & abdominal birth as well if thats how your baby will be born. The education, tools & techniques you learn are for any birth in any chosen place. The content is extremely valuable in a medical setting & equips you to make informed decisions, stay relaxed and focused, as this situation can sometimes be daunting or feel like the unknown. Many mums report having wonderful, relaxed births when using hypnobirthing tools for assisted births & c sections. You still have many choices & rights to explore that you can take ownership of.

What’s included in the cost & what materials will I recieve?

The cost includes

– 4 classes (around 2.5 hours each) total of 10 hours education

– Support between each session & continued text/email support right up until your baby arrives

– The experience & knowledge from a teacher who has used this programme to birth both her babies, one being breech at home & who continually keeps up to date with current information, education etc to support you

– Relaxation & audio tracks

– Affirmation cards

– The Lemon Tree course guide (include all course content, activities, homework, resources & more)

– Goodie bag including some fab product samples & information from some brilliant professionals

Your audio tracks will be sent out prior to your first class so that you can become familiar with them and begin enjoying some relaxation. At your first class you receive your Lemon Tree bag, complete with your course guide (literally your birth bible), positive birth affirmation cards & gorgeous goodies. If you are attending an online course, everything will be sent out to you in the post prior to your first class

What can I expect from my teacher?

I’m a calm, passionate & approachable person, here to support & guide you as you navigate this special journey. Not just during your lessons but between them and up until your baby is born. I have used hypnobirthing to birth both my girls, one at our local hospital and one breech at home during the peak of the pandemic. It’s truly amazing for ALL birth. I also ensure that I am up to date with information, training & continuously developing my skills – to deliver you the very best antenatal education. As a practitioner it’s really important to me that you feel your personal needs are met & that you get the most from the programme. I’m open, honest, fun and believe that learning should be enjoyable as well as adaptable to meet your needs which is why I created our bespoke programme.

What can I expect at the classes?

One of the main areas we focus on is learning deep relaxation & breathing techniques, which we will practice in your sessions. I ensure all my clients are comfortable and enjoy their classes in safe & calm environment. Plenty of cushions, blankets, refreshments & tea. The space I teach in is a light & welcoming environment for you to learn in. Each class contains a variety of practical work, listening, active learning, relaxation, watching videos, and group discussion. The course is set at a steady pace enabling you to learn easily and ask questions when needed. Its important to me you get the most out of your course. When teaching online I recommend you take a little time before the class to create a safe and cosy space, just to breathe, relax & wind down before we begin. Did out those fairy lights and your fave candles. Create your cosy space ready to learn

Will I have a pain-free labour and birth?

This is something that can’t be guaranteed. Every woman & every birth is so completely different. There are so many factors that affect birth, some that we are in control of & other’s that we aren’t. Some women report pain free births but most say that they were comfortable and had sensations & pressures rather than “pain”.

From the most recent surveys, over 70% of mums using Hypnobirthing reported not needing any pain relief or medical intervention at all. These mums also reported experiencing pressure or sensations as opposed to pain. 20-25% only needed light pain relief – gas & air. The remaining 5-10% fall into the “special circumstances” category where medical intervention was necessary for the safety of the mother & baby. However, the women who were in this small category have still reported that using their Hypnoirthing skills really helped them & they still had a calm & positive experience.