What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing & attending one of our antental courses or workshops?

A positive birth experience, for mum, baby and dad/partner

Eliminates anxieties throughout pregnancy, birth & your feeding journey

Fewer episiotomy’s and reduces the risk greatly of perineal tearing
Fewer cases of preeclampsia
Mother feels much more energized during pregnancy, during birth and post birth

Quicker & easier post birth recovery. For mum and baby – higher energy levels for mum

Shorter births & more comfortable births

Fewer c sections
Better postnatal mental health – almost no post natal depression reported from mums who have used HypnoBirthing™
Better breastfeeding initiation
Promotes better sleep for mum and baby
Baby’s Dad or the birth partner is an integral part of birth preparation and the birth. Not feeling like an outsider, they are an important part of the whole process & able to support mum fully
Less inductions – more spontaneous labours
Higher rate of babies turning from breech to correct birthing position
Boosts Oxytocin (the love hormone)
Babies are calmer

Eliminates fear and tension – releasing anxieties

Fewer interventions and surgical births plus reduction for the need for medication
Higher Apgar scores in babies
Better bonding prenatal & perinatal bonding – Bonding with mum and dad
Babies feed better