About Me

Hi, my name is Laura & I am the founder/owner of The Lemon Tree – welcome

A little about me & where it all began

 This journey started for me after the birth of my first daughter, when I used HypnoBirthing & realised how life changing it was. I was so pleased we chose to invest in hypno rather than a regular course like NCT, which many people have told me didn’t really prepare them that well. It gave me and my partner so much confidence, a whole load of education, resources & some incredible tools to use that enabled us to have a calm & beautiful birth, tools that we still use now in our everyday life as well. We made all the decisions & were so informed about our choices. My first hypnobaby Evalyn was almost a BBA (birth before arrival) as she came so quickly & comfortably, I almost birthed her in the bath as I was so relaxed but we managed to make it in time to have her at the lovely birthing unit @ East Surrey Hospital in Redhill. You can read our story over on the birth stories section. It was soon after her birth I decided to train so I was able to teach, sharing this wonderful programme. Since then I have also trained as a childbirth educator with Childbirth International – then combining all my knowledge & skills I have created some incredible workshops & courses for you all.

I love being a mum, cooking, socialising with friends & continuously learning but I also LOVE my job. It’s my passion & how much I care i’m sure shines through when you work with me. My second daughter Penny was breech & born at home during the peek of the pandemic in lockdown May 2020. I’ve been lucky to experience two very different births – a home birth & a hospital birth as well as a vaginal breech birth, no birth is ever the same. I have also been fortunate enough to experience NHS care, independent midwifery care, have the support of my incredible doula Zara & use many wonderful maternity services – which I feel offers my clients so much more from my own experiences & knowledge. I’m fiercely passionate about all things pregnancy, birth & beyond. I love supporting people birthing, parents & families to achieve positive birth experiences, reach their breastfeeding goals & to enter the sometimes challenging world of parenting with confidence & calm. 

What do I do & what services do I offer?

I’m an International Childbirth Educator, Hypnobirthing Teacher, Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner, Infant Massage Teacher, Breastfeeding peer supporter, Mother Blessing facilitator & a breastfeeding councellor student. I’m also a member of the Maternity Voices Partnership at our local trust in Redhill in Surrey, I am currently training as a Breastfeeding Councellor & I also attend regular meetings & events related to pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding to keep up to date with new skills & knowledge. Alongside running The Lemon Tree I also work for The Mindful Breastfeeding School offering support sessions for students during their training to support parents with breastfeeding.

When attending your Hypnobirthing Course or a Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop, you will enter a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment, where you will feel calm and immediately at home. All my classes & workshops are not just educational, they involve activities, videos, tasks, home practice, time to ask questions, explore options and plenty of relaxation. When we work together online, I provide a calm & supportive space just like my in person classes. I also ensure whether online or in person that learning is relaxed & interactive. Check out the testimonials section & birth stories sections to see what my clients have to say.

Before it all began.......

I was sooooo fearful about giving birth! The idea of it made me feel immediately panicked, especially as a few people close to me had shared their negative experiences. We often hear traumatic stories from friends or family and see dramatised births through TV, films & the media. Birth is so hyped up to be a dramatic event – of course…… it generates viewings and sells stories. It’s no wonder we’re so anxious when the time comes! So many partners & dads also hold this fear & anxiety, not knowing what to do or what to expect, feeling like a spare part and just hope for the best (check out the birth stories section to read what dads/partners/support people have to say).

I was SOOOOO skeptical about Hypnobirthing at first. I thought it was some weird hokey pokey, hippy thing, everyone was saying “oh you aren’t doing that hypno stuff are you”. I kept thinking – ‘how on earth could birth be calm or positive, would i be hypnotised or brainwashed?!’. After plenty of research I realised it was actually based on facts, the science of the body, how to assist the body, how to relax & now has over 30 years of success. Maybe I could achieve the birth I wanted with some practice & effort on my part? Still not convinced, I decided to research & found that most people who did NCT said the course wasn’t that amazing for birth prep but they made great friends. Doing no prep wasn’t something I was willing to risk so I really didn’t have anything to lose. I found a teacher that I really liked & could relate to & booked a course. This is key & why I offer a FREE 30 minute call before you commit to signing up. I didn’t need to know how to change a nappy or what drugs I could have like some antenatal classes teach, you can read all that stuff in a book or online, I was desperate to have a good birth experience. I didn’t question the cost, you can’t put a price on something as important as birth preparation, especially when you don’t bat an eyelid at the £200 car seat, the £800 pram or the £100’s spent on bits & bobs. This was going to impact me & my baby for the rest of my life! I soon learnt that women’s bodies, babies & how they function was pretty damn incredible! The “Hypno” part actually stands for “self-hypnosis” which is basically deep relaxation like being in a daydream or trance. Easy, we actually do it every day without even realising & the home practice was breathing & relaxation – I was more than happy to do the homework :-). Well the rest is history, when I think about how positive & empowering birthing my girls was it gives me goosebumps

So what's been happening - how will your journey with me be different?...........

Through lack of education, choices, evidence, research, unnecessary interventions, through forced pushing, through stress, fear & conditioning from the world around us, leads to women not believing or trusting in their own abilities. Therefor birth doesn’t unfold as it should – often leading to medicalised interventions, which most of the time are unnecessary, often resulting in a negative experiences – that’s where things have been going wrong, this has to change! After working with me & attending one of my courses & alongside working at home continuing your practice (which really is key but very much enjoyable) I know YOU CAN achieve a positive birth experience wherever or however you birth your baby, the experience you & your baby deserve! I also provide the most incredible course & resource folder unlike many other programmes that supports you inside & outside of your sessions with me alongside ongoing support. Let’s do this!

Don't forget

I offer free phone 20 minute phone consultations so you can ask me any questions & talk through how I can support you, with no obligation to book. Alternatively you can drop me a message or an email any time at all, I’m more than happy to talk through all things birth & breastfeeding with you. It’s really important to find a practitioner that you feel comfortable. I’m open, honest & feel very passionate about supporting each & every one of my clients indiviually.

I look forward to hearing from you




Ask the teacher…

  1. Tea or coffee – Both! Coffee (morning) Tea (all day long)
  2. Guilty pleasures – Binge watching Emmerdale & Call The Midwife ha ha. Oh and a cheeky day time nap (rare)
  3. Shower or bath – Oooooh both again – shower (hair wash) Bath (chill with lavender & orange essential oils)
  4. Worst job – putting eggs in boxes on a farm – Sunday job when I was about 16/17. Not good after a night out
  5. Wine or gin – oh you can’t make me choose…. Errrm Gin (has to be Hendricks & Fever Tree though)
  6. Worst habit – Faffing. I’m terrible at getting out the house
  7. What did you want to be growing up? – A midwife & a mummy
  8. Favourite way to spend a day alone – Spa day @ Pennyhill Park – hands down!
  9. Worst gift – A bike! ha ha. Rick thought it was a good idea…… alongside a helmet from Evalyn
  10. Guilty of – Staying up too late. I’m a night owl but it’s tricky to be one with small humans
  11. It’s important to have – Freedom. Freedom of speech, choice, physical & emotional freedom (time for you)
  12. Eat too many – Biscuits. Sucker for a biscuit or 10 with my tea
  13. Addicted to – Birth work. I LOVE learning, teaching & supporting women/families
  14. Eating in or out – Out. Nothing better than a good meal with friends & a decent glass of vino(plus no washing up)
  15. Makes me laugh – A girls night & my doula Zara (Nobs)
  16. Worst food – Liver & liver pate (shudder)
  17. Best mum hack – Batch cook. Saves lives. Always something good/healthy to eat in the freezer
  18. Best investment you have ever made – Birth prep, Independent midwives, my doula & breastfeeding support in the early days. All worth their weight in gold. You hold that experience for the rest of your life
  19. How would your friends describe you? – Loyal, fun, off the wall, passionate & open (too honest sometimes)
  20. Fave holiday – Cyprus. Great food, weather, kid friendly & lovely people

All courses and workshops facilitated by Laura Jayne Berkeley Dip CBEd, Hypnobirthing Teacher, Antenatal Educator, Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner & Infant Massage Teacher

I relax so my baby can relax

I trust my baby and my body to know what to do

I make good decisions for myself and my baby