One to One Support

I know how important one to one support is during your pregnancy and preparing for the birth of your baby, for your breastfeeding journey or as you enter parenthood. Whether you’re expecting your 1st baby or 5th, support is key for positive experiences. Sometimes new worries, concerns or situations can occur where you feel you could do with talking to someone, exploring your options & sharing your thoughts in a non-judgmental supportive space. I’m here to provide you with that space and a listening ear whenever you need it.

Some of the reasons you might like to consider some time working with me: 

  • You’d like a recap of some of the relaxation/breathing skills that you have learnt
  • You would like to do some relaxation work together
  • De brief a previous experience/experiences that you feel are holding you back & make a plan moving forward
  • You need some help with your birth plan/preferences
  • You would like to explore specific options further – i.e. breech birth or VBAC (vaginal birth after previous c section)
  • You are being pressured by healthcare professionals to take action that you don’t feel happy about
  • You are being faced with the suggestion of induction
  • You are nearing the end of pregnancy & would like to explore your options
  • New fears/worries or concerns have cropped up that you would like to discuss or release
  • You would like to share thoughts or feelings with someone & work through them
  • You have questions, ideas or concerns about your birth, becoming a parent etc
  • You aren’t being supported by your health care providers/family/friends

 Whether you are booked onto one of my antenatal courses, you are/have attended another course or you aren’t booked onto any courses at all, it doesn’t matter, I am here to offer you & your birthing partner support


Pay As You Go

£45 per hour
£80 for 2 hours

To book click the link below or contact me via phone or e mail.
07878 992270

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