Anna & Alan

1st Baby

“Originally when I knew I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to have a natural relaxed birth without drugs. I was a tad skeptical at the beginning as I had previously struggled with things like meditation and I was worried this would be based on meditation. Having completed the course I am very confident and all my concerns have been laid to rest. I am now going into birth knowing how to use all the tools through HypnoBirthing. Laura has been so helpful and the overall course was great.”

Laura & Andy

2nd Baby

“Before attending Hypnobirthing classes with Laura I was worried and felt unsure about my choices. I now feel empowered and so positive that my birth will go well, I can visualise receiving my baby in a calm and relaxed environment. Laura teaches valuable and effective techniques to guide you through each stage of labour. Laura’s constant support and knowledge has been key to this process. Thank you so much!!! Xxx”

Charly & Adam

2nd Baby

“We decided to do the HypnoBirthing course with Laura with our second pregnancy to better prepare ourselves for the birth. From our first session Laura welcomed us into a relaxing friendly and safe environment where immediately we felt at ease. She has been so wonderful and encouraged Adam to play a vital role in the whole course. We both feel informed, prepared and empowered for the birth of our boy in May. I cannot wait to use what we have learnt and I’m actually looking forward to labour! Laura has kept up communication with us and has been so incredibly helpful with all questions. We could not be happier that we took this course. Thank you Laura xx”

Kat & Chris

1st Baby

“We have just finished our Lemon Tree Hypnobirthing course and have left feeling positive, informed and excited about our birth. It was just as useful for birth partners as for mothers. Laura is very good at creating a calm, safe and positive learning environment. We cannot wait to meet our baby”

Gabby & Tom

1st Baby

“We are both so pleased that we decided to take the course, even though Tom was skeptical to start with. Laura really is an amazing teacher and given both of us the support, knowledge and confidence for our upcoming birth. Any fears or concerns have been eliminated. I really don’t think there was any more Laura could do. She was always available to answer questions in class and happy to later discuss any concerns. Thank you”

Emma & Tom

2nd Baby – Emma is a midwife

“As second time parents we were a little unsure how much we would gain from a HypnoBirthing course, however we have both felt that this is the best antenatal/birth preparation we’ve done so we are so glad we found out about Laura. She pitched the classes just right, creating a comfortable and relaxed space in which to learn the hypnobirthing skills which we already feel have been a great benefit for our upcoming birth. The classes really helped bring us closer as a couple and we cant recommend it highly enough as a way to create that all important space in a relationship to emotionally prepare for birth and parenthood. What we liked most about the course was Laura’s warmth, calm approach and the knowledgable way in which she interweaved the theory & practice elements of the course. We really loved the information folder & resources as well.”

Darcy & James

1st Baby & fearful of birth

“I always feared childbirth – it’s one of those things that everyone tells you bad things about….it’s the worst pain in the world. I have heard countless times as I am sure many women have too. Birth is bred into our minds as something to fear when it actually is the best day of our lives. It’s the day our babies are being born into the world. Hypnobirthing has helped me to release negative fears that I have held onto for a long time and taught me – OUR BODIES ARE MADE TO DO THIS!

The course is the best thing we have done. I look forward to birthing with joy and I have been given a new found confidence and a much more positive outlook on not only birth, but life as a parent too. Hypnobirthing has brought me and my partner closer & bond with our son. It’s made both our minds stronger and our love stronger. We are ready to bring our son into the world as a happy family”

Check out Darcy’s incredible account of birth in the birth stories section. Darcy’s mum was her 2nd birth partner & also shared her experience in the birth stories section – Through a Grandmothers eyes.

Nicola & Ben

1st time parents
Feeling anxious but now calm & prepared

“I was very anxious about pregnancy & birth before the course but am feeling more confident now that I have some techniques to stay calm. We found it a good way to prepare as a couple, so that ben feels more confident about his role & how he can help. My midwife recommended that I try hypnobirthing as I have a longstanding fear of birth and have been feeling very anxious. The techniques we have learned have been great at reducing anxiety in the run up to birth. It has also helped us to understand where we can challenge things to stay calm. I am now feeling less anxious and more prepared for what I hope will be a calm & positive experience for us all. Thanks Laura”

Hayleigh & Josh

1st time parents to twins

“We would massively recommend hypnobirthing to anyone. It has been such a huge eye opener for both of us. Josh and I thought it would be ‘tree huggery’ but it was the total opposite. This course has been incredibly helpful and educating to both of us. We feel at ease about my pregnancy, labour & delivery. We want to say how amazing Laura has been. We could not ask for a better teacher.”


1st Baby

“I had feared childbirth for as long as I can remember so decided to try hypnobirthing to ease some of the anxiety I felt during pregnancy. I was apprehensive about the course as I felt very uncomfortable thinking about or talking about birth, and hated the idea of watching a birthing video. Laura was brilliant! She took the time to understand my fear and kept in contact throughout the course and right through to the birth (and beyond). By the end of the course I felt more informed and empowered and very calm about the birth. I’m so pleased that I went on the course; it eased all my anxieties, bought my husband and I closer together and helped me to have the birth that I wanted.”

Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop Testimonials

The learning environment along with the course content exceeded our expectations

Rebecca & Matt | 1st baby

“We’ve been lucky enough to attend both The Lemon Tree’s Hypnobirthing & breastfeeding classes and they have all been amazing. Being first time parents is really daunting but Laura put us both completely at ease and provided us with the tools we needed to feel confident. The learning environment along with the course content exceeded our expectations and we both learnt a lot more than we thought we would. Having Laura to contact outside of class is also fantastic and she has been a great support to us when we had any questions or concerns, especially after midwife/hospital appointments. We would both highly recommend the workshops and can’t thank Laura enough :-)”

We learnt so much from the workshop

Claire & Tom | 1st time baby

“We signed up for the breastfeeding workshop after completing our hypnobirthing course with Laura. We came to the class hoping to breastfeed but not really knowing anything about feeding in general. I can honestly say that we learnt so much from the workshop and now feel a lot more confident about breastfeeding. We were so amazed at some of the incredible benefits there are and we are so glad that we attended the workshop as we now feel we have the knowledge we needed to make it work”

Walking away feeling very equipped with knowledge and power

Vanessa & Jamie | 1st Baby

“We have been fortunate now to attend both hypnobirthing and breastfeeding classes with Laura. Once again we walk away feeling very equipped with knowledge and power for our breastfeeding journey. Laura is honest and doesn’t hide that it can sometimes be hard work but ensures we understand why and how it will pay off for the health and benefit of our baby. Laura has made sure we feel confident knowing where to access support should we need it. More importantly we feel excited to feed our baby”

This workshop is absolutely essential

Emma | 1st time mum & midwife

“As a midwife I was unsure whether this breastfeeding workshop would be beneficial or not as I already have significant knowledge on breastfeeding. However, it was delivered so well and was a great refresher for me that it was totally worth it. To someone wanting more knowledge this workshop would be absoloutely essential to them and their partner. I cannot recommend this breastfeeding workshop enough. P.S. – Laura is also so lovely and approachable”

The Lemon Tree Workshop was so much better than NCT

Louise | 1st baby

“We started the workshop with zero idea of breastfeeding and have come away with so much information. More importantly the importance of breastfeeding and not to give up if there are challenges & where to find support. There was so much helpful information & support resources. I did the NCT breastfeeding workshop as well as part of our NCT course but The Lemon Tree workshop was so much better and so much more informative . Even learning about the anatomy of the breast, a baby’s mouth, how latching should be etc – something I found the most helpful that NCT didn’t even touch on”

We know when and where to find support if we need it


“Breastfeeding is such a controversial subject with so much negativity around it. Laura has made it seem possible. We are definitely committed to breastfeeding and strongly believe now that it is best for our baby. I feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable and know when and where to seek help should I need it. I highly recommend this workshop to every couple you wont regret it”

Really looking forward to starting our breastfeeding journey

Anis & Matt | 1st baby

“We have just finished our Lemon Tree Hypnobirthing course and have left feeling positive, informed and excited about our birth. It was just as useful for birth partners as for mothers. Laura is very good at creating a calm, safe and positive learning environment. We cannot wait to meet our baby”

Lots of time to ask questions & no bias opinions

Emma & Alex | 1st baby

“Another really useful course from The Lemon Tree in a friendly relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Lots of time to ask any questions with no bias opinions and always lots of options given with time and space to think/explore. I was more apprehensive about breastfeeding than birth due to so many negative stories and comments but Laura’s workshop really dispelled all of these and made it all seem possible. The mindfulness aspect of the workshop was so useful and a strong reminder that being relaxed is the best way to be and also look after YOU as part of the journey. Thank you”

We feel really confident

Couple expecting their 1st baby

“We feel really confident about feeding now and armed with lots of information should we ever need support. Thanks Laura”

HypnoBirthing Testimonials

Science & knowledge

Caroline & Rich | 1st Baby

“Having felt very positive about birth during my pregnancy, I really hoped that Rich would get as much out of the course as I did and I haven’t been disappointed. We were both very pleasanlty surprised by the science and knowledge balanced with the empowerment and relaxation. We feel genuinely excited to embark on birth and are so pleased to say we will have Laura’s encouragement and support. We would both highly recommend Laura and her courses to anyone that either needs to build up their positive attitude or like us to anyone that already has one. Thank you”

Laura creates a fun & engaging learning environment

“Laura was great & was able to answer all of our questions. Laura creates a fun & engaging learning environment. At first I was really anxious about birth and a bit sceptical as to whether hypnobirthing would actually help me. As soon as I got in touch with Laura I was completely put at ease and felt like my hypnobirthing journey was going to be a positive one.

Throughout the entire course Laura was really informative and friendly. Her continued support outside of class was really appreciated and definately helped put my mind at ease when I had any concerns or questions.I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better hypnobirthing teacher and would definitely recommend Laura to anyone I know that is having a baby. Thanks for everything Laura”

I started the course feeling fearful of birth

Louise & Brad | 1st baby

“I started the course fearful of birth. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy because I was so caught up in the labour and how much it would hurt. I was also really concerned about the transition to hospital. I have since finished the course feeling totally confident in my ability to birth and often find myself saying how excited I am about it. My husband and I have also decided we would like a home birth now. Something I would have never even considered before as I thought it was dangerous. That was purely based on my own fears and not having the knowledge. Thank you Laura”

So much more than a regular antenatal class

Katie & Alex | 1st Baby

“The Lemon Hypnobirthing course is so much more than a regular antenatal class. It exceeded our expectations. My husband and I learnt so much, we feel confident, relaxed & excited for the birth now. Thank you so much to our lovely teacher Laura”

I feel so empowered

Claire & Tom | 1st time baby

“We first heard about hypnobirthing at a mothercare event and when I was around 22 and prior to this we had no knowledge of it whatsoever. After doing a bit of research of the benefits we signed up with The Lemon Tree and I am so glad that we did. I now feel so empowered by the knowledge that I gained from the course that I feel positive and prepared for the birth of our baby. Laura is so friendly and approachable which made us feel relaxed and comfortable, like we could ask all the questions that we had no matter how silly we felt they were. The course is really well structured and The Lemon Tree materials are extremely helpful for that all important home practice. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting a calm and positive birth”

Previously my first experience of pregnancy and labour was negative and difficult

Stacey | 2nd time mummy

“I am a second time mum with my second baby. My first experience of pregnancy and labour had lots of negativity and was difficult with my baby being preterm at 34 weeks plus 5 days. We were under prepared and scared.

This time round I was determined to change our view on pregnancy and birth.

Laura has been a great friend of mine since college and is fiercely passionate about birth and beyond. I never felt any pressure to do the course. Having had a difficult first time round, Laura explained that hypnobirthing is not a weird hippy voodoo like people might think and it’s a full antenatal course.

Well…… we both feel totally informed now and really confident about our journey and that’s down to Laura and her amazing course.

So many aspects of this course you can use in day to day life as well as labour. From someone who never felt they would be able to have a low risk normal birth I know I can and will have the birth we want due to the knowledge Laura has given us. Not in a million years would I have thought about a home birth and that’s exactly what we are now thinking about. Our options and decisions are OURS to make! BRAINS.

I feel happy and secure as well as prepared and excited about our birth journey to meet our little human. Thank you Laura. You are truly amazing”